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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Hila,

The built in triggers on the feedback layers are set to "hide this layer" and "jump to next slide" when the user clicks the continue button. If you'd like the users to return to the question slides and still see the feedback - you'll want to remove the trigger to hide this layer, and as Hannah mentioned ensuring you've set the revisiting properties to 'resume saved state'. Just to note, if you make this change, the users won't be able to revisit the questions to conduct a second attempt. If you need them to be able to conduct a second attempt - you'll want to look at the options on the results slide such as "Retry" detailed here. 

Hila Shoham


i think that i don't have this built in triggers on the feedback layers because I deleted the Continue button on the feedback. also, the feedback always appear when navigating this course, only when you reaches to the slide results and return back, all the feedback disappeared.

I have to use the slide results to report data to LMS, but i want the user to be able to navigate the course and see all of the feedback received.

I tried to do what Hannah had suggested but it did not work.