Feedback layers on the Results slide

Mar 29, 2017

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this but it is driving me nuts! In Storyline 360 I have added a custom feedback slide to the Success and Failure layers. but the layers arent visible on the Base layer. The Result slide shows Your score and Passing Score but where the Success or Failure should show under Result is blank.

I've triple checked the layers and trigger settings and everything seems fine - but I still come up with a blank under Result.

What am I missing???



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Kate Niblett

Thanks Wendy tried toggling. But I will share my file and see if anyone can give me a heads up

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kate

see updated file.   I added in a couple of quiz slides so I could test properly.

There was something funky with the result slide it was referencing in the trigger to show layers success and failure so I redid the triggers

There was a trigger on the failure layer to show the failure layer so I removed that.

On the layers I right clicked > format background and checked 'hide background graphics'.

Hope this helps - it's now returning the layers you may just need to tweak positioning

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