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I've created a different feedback master style for our needs, and I've just had to copy a scene from one story to another. But, my nice shiny feedback style didn't come with it! Which means I have around 50 slides which all need the right style applying and the only way I can seem to do it is to go through each one, and apply the style 3 times to each slide, one for each layer, try again, incorrect and correct. Surely I'm doing this wrong?  There must be a way to 'apply to all'??

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Paul Williams

Hello Alyssa,

I didn't use Import, but the feedback master was still there, it just didn't get applied to the slides. Mind you, neither did the default layout..   I just got bits of my layout. But it still doesn't give me a way to apply to all if I wanted. Surely it must be possible to do this?




Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul,

My hunch is that the feedback layouts didn't copy correct due to copying/pasting between two projects. I would try importing the slides instead, and the correct feedback layout should be applied.

Although there isn't a feature to apply a particular layout to all feedback layers, that would make an excellent feature request. You can share that idea directly with our product team here!

Paul Williams

Thanks Alyssa,

I've sorted my particular problem the long way round, but I'll remember the importing for next time. Having the option to apply to all layers would be great, but I've sent feature requests in before, and they don't get anywhere. Copy and paste for zooms and guides that will move less than 8 pixels, so I can get them where I need them are just two that are frustrating me today, and I get fed up with that email telling me how they assess them then hearing nothing about the suggestion, whether it's been accepted, rejected, can't do because... So I don't send them in anymore. :-(