Feedback Master and Modern Player

Dec 19, 2022

I have been converting courses from Classic Player to Modern Player. The problem with that is the course from the Classic Player maintains the Master and Feedback Master styles and I have to manually convert them by selecting the appropriate Layout.

This is a hassle with slides, but even worse with Quiz slides where I have to manually change every Incorrect and Correct layer.

Is there a process I am missing? Could there be a way that once a Modern Player is selected the slides and feedback layers are converted to that player and not the classic?

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Eric Santos

Hi Jeffrey,

Your observation is correct; after converting to Modern Player, you need to update the Feedback Masters as well. My apologies for the extra effort. I'd like to share this similar post with a suggestion that might work for you:

To update the existing feedback master in a project, you'll need to apply the change on each slide and layer. Another way is to modify the existing feedback master, which will automatically populate all slides and layers.