Feedback on Course Slides

Apr 13, 2021

Is there a way to receive feedback on a Storyline course slide unrelated to a quiz question? For example, if a slide contains a typo or grammatical error can the learner provide feedback on this slide that sends us an email?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bonita,

You could insert a hyperlink to send an email to a given e-address. But that only opens the user's email program with the e-address filled in. The user would still have to fill in the subject line and explain in the email what was wrong.

Putting such a hyperlink (along with the required instructions about using it) on every slide might be distracting. However, you could provide the hyperlink at the start or at the end of the course, with a note that you welcome feedback about the course. 

FYI: Even without such a note, I've seen users report typos or other concerns by emailing the LMS administrator or the course owner (when they know who it is). In other words, if someone really wants to report a problem, they'll figure out where to send the message. :-)

Anna Michael

In case this helps; We have an email button in the bottom corner of our courses (just put it in during slide master so it appears on all slides). It's definitely useful and because it's styled like our navigation buttons it's not much of a distraction.

We just put a note toward the front of the course letting users know what the button is for.

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