Feedback on man hours to create my course?

Apr 30, 2013

Is anyone interested in taking a look at my course and giving your opinion on how many hours work you would expect to be involved in creating it? (By how long I mean absolutely everything, including writing the content, creating the look, sourcing the photos etc.)

I don't want to post the link publicly but if anyone is interested I can send them the link by private message. Just curious whether how long I spent on my current course is comparable to other people's work timelines.

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Eric Nalian

Hey Fiona,

What I found when creating my courses - everything from meeting with SME's all the way through adding the course to my LMS it takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes for every 1 minute of the course.  That includes:

  • Meeting with SME
  • Design/development of course
  • Writing script
  • Finding/editing graphics
  • Creating SL Interactions
  • Recording Audio
  • Updates after SME review
  • Posting to LMS

Hope this helps!


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