File size in SL2

Got a quick question - where does the bloat in .story files hide? 

OK - now for some context.  Building a series of modules, I deleted a whole lot of slides from a copy of the first module to start building the second.  Deleted all unused recordings and the module specific variables.  Saved .story file was 68mb with 9 slides.  A little excessive.

After searching the forum, I saved the new file as a template and then reopend and saved as a .story; now 5.5mb.  So where was the other 62mb hiding and can it be accessed.  For example, in Captivate, there is an image library that holds everything (sounds, backgrounds, images etc) imported into the file in which you can select all unused and delete.

I understand that this doesn't affect the size of the published file, but we move these files around a bit and at times storage is limited.  But more than this, I'm just curious :)

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