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Hello fellow Storyline users! I have a question for all you power users out there. I want to create a fill in the blank quiz question that has four blanks to fill in. If the blanks are not filled in or have the incorrect text entered, I want the Try Again layer to appear (they will have unlimited attempts), allowing the user to try again. If they get it right, they'll get the Correct layer and the question will be recorded as correct in the quiz results. It appears that a standard fill in the blank question allows only one text entry field, I need four. Any thoughts?

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Tracy Parish

Hi Edward:  Here is one way I would do it.

Let the learner fill in text boxes for each "fill in the blank"  This would create 4 text variables.  

Add these on to a slide that you then "create to free form" - Pick one.   

Add 2 check boxes. 

Create a trigger that sets one checkbox to SELECTED if all 4 text variables are correct when the user clicks the submit button(and this is the correct pick one for the slide). 

Create a second trigger that sets the other checkbox to SELECTED if ANY of the 4 text variables are incorrect (and this is the incorrect answer for the slide) when user clicks the submit button.

Then add one more trigger to the TRY AGAIN LAYER that sets the "incorrect check box" back to NORMAL when the user clicks TRY AGAIN.

Here are 2 slides.  The first you can see it functioning.  The second example shows how you can move these checkboxes off the slide and it still functions.

Attached is also an example if you don't need it scored.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Edward

is this what you mean - see Peek video.  I have a rectangle shape at the bottom of the screen. When the user completes the FITB and clicks Submit, the rectangle changes from purple to orange...or did you want the text entry field to change state?

Here are the triggers I used that might help you.