Fill in the blank issues

Feb 09, 2015

Starting to think our old authoring software was better. In the old software I could type in the fill in the blank question like so:

It takes <u>4</u> hours to ride the train to <u>New York</u>.

And the question would come out like this:

It takes ______ hours to ride the train to ______.

In Storyline that is not the case:

1) there is no simple way like above to add multiple blanks (or even one) in the middle of a sentence. In storyline I would have to create the first part of the question add in a text entry box, middle text, text entry box, and ending text.

2) If you want to score multiple text entry boxes on one slide from what I understand you would need to setup triggers to make this work. In my old software I could have as many boxes on the screen as I wanted and they all had to be filled correctly for them to get that slide correct.

3) As far as importing goes there is no way to do this with my sample question above.

I thought my old software was outdated and lacking allot features storyline has. But with the fancy features I get with storyline I am finding that I am lacking some very simple features that I had in my old software.


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Gary Collins

Yes, but 1 quiz question could have multiple fill in the blanks as my sample question above.

Every other software I have used has been able to have multiple text entry for 1 question.

Every other quiz question type you have this doesn't really matter. It is only the fill in the blanks and free form text entry questions that should allow us to have multiple boxes for one slide.


Why would storyline limit the developer this way?

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