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Apr 18, 2017


I'm either being really stupid with this one or it's more complex than I thought.

We have created a module with a lot of Fill the blank questions in Storyline 2 and have published it to Tin Can.

The Tin Can statements appear to show that the actor is completing these actvities, but is there a way of modifying the Tin Can statements to include their actual answer and the correct answer for reporting purposes.

In simple terms it looks like it reports:

Joe Bloggs completed Cat's Name fill the blank

I need it to report:

Joe Bloggs completed Cat's Name fill the blank with response 'Mog', correct response 'Meg'

Also, would this information be easier to report on if the Storyline course was published to SCORM 1.2 instead?

Thanks for any help.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andy - I don't think it's you, so no worries :)

I typically recommend trying to recreate the issue via SCORM Cloud. This helps identify if the issue lies within the course or the LMS. 

Let me share with you the results of my brief test, and then you can decide what reporting option works best for you:

Tin Can - Notice that my response is recorded, but the correct response is not listed here.

Then I moved onto SCORM 1.2 since you mentioned that. Notice that this does not allow the question to be reported.

Finally, here is SCORM 2004:

Question information as well as user response and correct response.

This should get you started on working with your LMS and understanding how you need to set your course up.

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