FIrst presentation done -looking for feedback

Greetings all. I just finished my first A.S. presentation for the college where I teach online courses. This presentation is about online discussion boards. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. The two screencasts are a bit lengthy. You may want to fast forward through those. Thanks all for any help or tips!

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Phil Mayor

Hi Cathy

Thanks for sharing Here are a few things I spotted that may help.

  • Remove the Prev button of the first slide, (going back to start of the course by pressing next on last slide feels wrong)
  • On first slide have the speech bubble animate after the character appears, she looks a little tall compared to the door
  • Set the marker on discussions welcome to audio only to get rid of the label
  • On the door why not add a hover effect with the door opening
  • Once you click on the example there is no way back to the slide below, perhaps needs a close button for the popup
  • On the flight crew status slide the text is animates in but is not on the flipchart feels odd
  • On some of your captions you have the shadow text enabled makes for difficult reading
  • On the ready for launch slide there is a next button that odes nothing, I know the screen says to click the door but the next button should do something also if left long enough on this slide the character disappears 
  • The cartoon quiz changes format completely by using illustrated characters I would prefer the format to stay the same, your animations on the speech balloons looks wrong, I think a fade or grow animation looks better also some of your checkboxes are moving on hover.  The post it note feedback seems incongruent, try and keep text within your speech bubbles some are overflowing.
  • The menu navigation needs sorting clicking next jumps back and forward through the scenes, you need to go into player and menu to sort this out, for a user they would expect it to be sequential.
  • On the lift off slide I am not sure you would ever get a drop shadow from a door it would be the whole wall, looking at the light source on the floor it is from the right

Overall the audio is good but there is often a lot of audio and not much going on on the slide.  There seems to be lots of different fonts, I would stick to one or two from the same family.  

Between slides of similar design text placeholders such as heading shift place, it looks better to keep placement consistent.

The border round the slide seems to change size depending on what slide I am on, they also feel busy as there is lots on each slide, I much prefer a cleaner look.

I would brand your player a bit, looks like the standard Storyline Player.

Hope this help