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Feb 24, 2014

dear colleagues

For those who have time on their hands- if you could download this sample.. I would truly appreciate it.

I am not sure i would call this sample little- but here is the link to the file  which sits in dropbox - it's 85mb since it has a videos in it..

i cut out much of the video and thought i would ask a few questions regarding the file.

-  I could not find the copyright symbol in storyline.. if you know where it is please direct me

- I was wondering whether i should add an audio file presenting each quiz.  I only have it on one at the present-  

-  In terms of video files, i inserted mp4s.  For compressions purposes- is there a better format? wav? etc.  I guess i can use handbrake to compress the file.

-any constructive comments would be good

I had a situation on the second slide -when i placed a trigger- it is the only trigger on that slide- to move the slide to the next one once the timeline ends-it refused to move to the next slide when i previewed it or published it,  That is why i put the next button on the slide.  Is there a delay for the slide to move to the next one if the video is large-(not sure what large would mean?).  I had no issues on the first slide moving to the next slide with the same trigger.  (and yes- i changed the name of the slide in the trigger on the second slide) 

With kind regards


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Jill McNair

Hi Roma,

You've created a fun presentation here ! Love the videos.    Here are the answers to your questions:

1. To insert a copyright symbol, click the location where you want to insert your symbol (you must be inside of a text box though), then go to the Insert menu and click Symbol.  From the symbol menu, I would select your font (in your case Articulate), find the copyright symbol, click it and hit the Insert button.

2. I think what will determine whether you add an audio file to each quiz is your learners...can they read yet?  Can they read all the words on the screen?  If you think any of them will have trouble with this, you may want to consider audio.  Also, consider telling them to click the Submit button on the questions (at least the first time).  This might not be intuitive to little ones. You can also place audio on the feedback layers so that they can hear the feedback instead of reading it.  With this level of content, my guess is that you are going to have at least some kids who will not be able to read words like submit, correct, incorrect, etc.  Why not do both so you are indirectly helping them learn to read too?

3. Storyline works with almost any type of video file, and mp4 is a good one.  You don't want to be concerned with compression while you are building this because when you publish your file, Storyline will compress everything.  .story files are usually really large, but the output is a fraction of that.  For example, I published your sample course and it is only 3.66 MB.

4. On slide 1.2, there is nothing wrong with your trigger - it is your timeline that is the problem - it is more than 188 seconds long.  The video is only 123 seconds long, so the timeline needs to be shortened to 133.25 (123 plus 10.25 - the starting point of the video  on the timeline).  You just have to drag the end of the timeline back to 133.25 and you will see that your trigger works! 

I have a couple of feedback ideas for you

1. The audio - especially on the first slide is really loud.  I would lower the volume or re-record.  While recording, you can usually see an indicator that tells you how loud you are speaking.  In Storyline, there is a gray bar that fills up when you are talking based on the volume of your voice...try to keep it in the middle of this gray bar....if you fill it all the way up - you are too loud.  Other programs show a colored means you are in the best means you are too loud.

2. You main character (on pages where you have her changing) jumps might consider lining these up. One of the best ways to do this is to duplicate your character and line it up perfectly over top of the last one - then right click the duplicate and select "Change Character"  You can also right click on your character and select "Size and Position" to adjust the size and position coordinates.

3. The images on the first drag and drop - you can see black bars along some of the edges.  I would use the crop tool to get rid of those.  To find the crop tool, double click on a picture on your slide - the crop tool is on the right side.

4. On slide 1.5 the question is worded, "Match the sound to the animal."  This lead me to believe that more than one animal sound was going to play.  Perhaps consider rewording to something like, "Click on the animal that makes this sound."

5.On slide 1.6, you have 2 questions on the same slide and I think that you should separate them.  The second question is subjective and there is no correct or incorrect answer, yet you are telling them that their favorite animal is right or wrong.  You move the favorite animal question to its own slide and show lots of animal don't need for it to be a question in Storyline...just a regular slide.  Or you could tell them to make the sound of their favorite animal, or tell someone near them what their favorite animal is (e.g. teacher, Mom, sibling, friend, classmate).

Keep up the good work!  Let us know if you have any more questions.

Hope that helps! 


roma kohutiak


I thank you for all the hints and comments.. and instruction.

Yes learners learn at different rates and I can't make any assumptions.  I should have looked at the timeline of slide 2 to see when it finishes to correct the mistake.  Keen eye!  Yes I will correct the audio level for slide 1 and insert an audio on each slide to help the learner choose the answer and also insert one in the correct/incorrect layers.

I also liked the hint on the to duplicate it then change the pose!

I did not know that stories were going to be so big vs the published product.  That is very good to know.

Jill, i thank you for your valuable time in reviewing the sample and making appropriate suggestions.!


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