"Flash end" when using JAWS screen reader (Storyline 2 Update 5)

Nov 04, 2015

Published some slides with SL2 Update 5 and tested them using JAWS. In some cases, the reader would say "Flash end" before I could tab to any of the elements on the slide.

What's going on? Is the reader simply noting that the slide has played to the end? I'm very new to screen readers.

Thanks, all.

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Leslie,

I did reach out to the support team, though it was about a totally separate matter. Related, yes, in that it involves Storyline and JAWS, but otherwise completely separate.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but since they are about separate issues, I am reaching out to the community in separate posts. (I also think that makes it easier for folks searching the forums in the future.)


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