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Doug R

Hi Louise,

E-Learning Brothers is also now developing games as actual Storyline templates, so that you can just import the template and use it directly as SL content, edit the questions/styling in SL, use the scores in SL, etc.  It looks like they at least have one of their classic games (gameshow) already available.

You can read about it and see demo here:


They also have a lot of HTML5 games that I suppose could be integrated into SL with a webobject, if you ever need a non-Flash/mobile approach to their games.

Anna Powless

I too ended up on the E-Learning Brothers site when I searched for games.  It states that their Flash games can only be opened and edited with Adobe Flash.  So much for that for me!

However, they also have the games that are Storyline templates.  I am trying to find out if they would possibly work in Studio 09 since that is what I currently have.  Anyone knows? 

Or any other ideas on templates for games, board games or otherwise?

Louise Greenhoff

Hi Anna,

I dont think they would work in presenter as they are .story files.

E-learning brothers do have some Powerpoint templates too or I have also used http://www.trainerbubble.com/Products.aspx?Category_ID=37 which has some PowerPoint templates which you could adapt.

Regards, Louise

Troy Broas

Hi Louise,

We have some game templates that we developed for Storyline that publish to Flash, HTML5 and also the Articulate Mobile Player. We made them so that they are as simple to use as updating a normal quiz question in Storylne. They also come with sound effects, music and instructions.

You can view our store below if you are interested. Good luck!


rexons cartier

I think that is possible, however you need to edit the game and insert your educational aspects into it. Maybe a little workaround with movie maker or any software you can do. I tried that simple idea from a certain games at iphysicsgames.com. Although the games is closer to educational science lessons, I have easy way to setup my aspects.