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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

It will be a sad day, for me at least. I was really happy when they came out with Flash CC and the HTML5 canvas option. And even though it's made developing rich animated content fun again, I find myself feeling limited in lots of ways. Knowing all the benefits of HTML5 over Flash I can appreciate what it has to offer, but when it first really started taking over it definitely felt like a devolution of the internet in relation to animated content. And it still does in a lot of ways.

I really think that over time tools will get closer and closer to offering more of the flexibility Flash did with detailed animated content. And the compatibility with browsers will continue to get better. One of best things, in relation to this, about storyline 2 is that I can develop with a high level of interactivity yet not have to fuss with why it's working in one browser but not working in another. At least most of the time. But I really do miss working in Flash.