Focus Order

Sep 09, 2022


I've added a picture and a text entry field onto a slide.

I've removed the picture from the focus order, and sent the text entry field to the back, so when the user progresses from slide to slide, the cursor in the text entry field is automatically selected, which is what I want to happen (doesn't require the user to click the text entry field). However, when the user types, because the picture is in front of the text entry field, the user can't see the letters they have typed.

If I move the picture to the back, then the cursor doesn't automatically appear on the text entry field and it requires the user to click on the text entry field, however the program I'm trying to simulate, doesn't require the user to click on the field.

I've tried having the picture as the background, however the quality of the image becomes pixelated if I do this (have tried multiple file types, e.g. jpeg, png and bmp).

Any amazing solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.


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