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Arnaud Fontaine


I use SL2, and I have the same issue. I also add some others behaviors :

- an object which is normaly "front" in the template can be "back" in the slide.

- in the template if I change the text for Bold, the size automaticaly increase each time I click on Bold.

- If I use a template slide, the color of text could be different as defined in the template.

Is that known issues ?

Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arnaud,

This thread is a bit older and dealt with Storyline 1 - so I'm not sure it would be the same issues. I did want to point out some helpful information on working with templates, and other general guidelines for working on your project files. 

If you're still having difficulty could you share the template as described in that first link here with us? 

Jacqueline Lins

Hi all,

I do have the same problem with the font size and position of my text in a "placeholder field" in our customized template. Everytime I type in something, the position and size of the text changes. The settings for the textbox say "do not change automatically", but it still does.

As we do have many different eLearnings to manage, it would be a huge effort to always change position, font size and color of the headers, subheaders and content manually to keep one standard design for all of them.

In the screenshot you can see how it looks.

Thanks a lot!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for sharing the file here. I took a look at your slide master, and saw the title and subtitle fields were set to 20 and 10 respectively. I then went and looked at slide 2, and the same font sizes appeared for those as well - so I'm not sure I'm seeing the same as you. You'll want to confirm you're working on local project files as detailed here and I'd also suggest reviewing the information here on working with slide masters. 

Jacqueline Lins

Hi Ashley,

Yes, that's what I see in the slide master as well. For the slide master everything is fine, but the text boxes in the usual "working" view were changing their style constantly as soon as I typed in something.

However, you're answer guided me to the solution! I'd only inserted all slides via a customized template but hadn't made aný changes to the slide master. So if I apply the design of a "normal" slide to a slide in the master, the text boxes keep their settings and layout. Hope my explanation makes sense :-).

Thanks for sharing the links, too!