Font Changes from Powerpoint

Aug 29, 2016

Hi, When I import from powerpoint, it seems that the Font size chosen in Powerpoint does not translate to Articulate storyline. For example, in a powerpoint, the title of the slide is font size 32 and the text on the slide is 20.

To make it look the same in Storyline, I have to manually change the font to size 24 and 16. Storyline attempts to do this, but often the font is in the wrong place, or it is too big or too small due to the "Do not autofit" button not checked off. i have to manually go through every slide. Is this just the nature of the program? Or is there a setting I am missing when I import?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pryce, 

Do you have differing slide sizes in Powerpoint and Storyline? Also, I'd want to confirm that you're following these guidelines to work on your project files and then double check the elements here to keep in mind in terms of importing in Powerpoint files. Does the final publish or preview of Storyline using the smaller font sizes look the same as your Powerpoint? I personally haven't run into any similar issues, but would be happy to give it a test with your Powerpoint file if you're able to share. You can upload it here using the "add attachment" button. 

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