Font display issue

I added a new font to my computer (Magistral Bold) to match some corporate brand standards...but when i preview a slide using the font, the correct font doesn't display and the text is gibberish. (See attached image) 

has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a fix or something else I need to do when using a new font?

I installed the font based on feedback from this thread:

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Ren Gomez

Hi Daniel,

I appreciate you sharing that image, and sorry to hear the font isn't displaying correctly! A few questions to dig deeper:

  • Are you seeing this in preview, during publish, or both?
  • Do you have the Modern Text option selected?
  • Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the font?

Looking forward to hearing back!

Daniel Carroll


thanks for the answer your questions:

  • I'm seeing it in preview and when publishing to the Review site. I have not done a full LMS publish of anything yet (I'm just trying to set up a template for some future development,  so there isn't much to publish yet)
  • Modern Text is both grayed out and selected
  • I have not tried uninstalling yet...but I'll also add the the font is working in PowerPoint and Word, just having issues with 360 thus far. But I will give that a try as well.