Font problems

I have been reading various threads in here and several people seem to be having the same issue. I made this new thread to add some other details of my own and check if maybe the font problem was solved in these last months.

So, I have this project which uses the fonts Montserrat and Bitter. Let me give you the two scenarios.

  1. I have Modern Text disabled. All fonts display well when previewing directly in edition mode (with the timeline and all that). When I go to the preview button, it displays the garbled letters. Published course looks well in Flash, but garbled fonts in HTML5.
  2. I enabled Modern Text. All fonts display garbled when previewing directly in edition mode. Preview shows fine. Publishing looks fine in HTML5 but fonts look garbled when looking at it through the Flash output. I need both in case the client's computer for some reason plays the Flash output instead of the HTML5 one.

The problem seems to happen on the Bitter font only. I had the OTF type installed, and tried the TTF type to check if there was any difference. None at all.

For the moment I'll publish to only HTML5 but I wanted to see if there was another solution to apply to following courses and later replace this one.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mica,

Thanks for starting a new discussion, and providing so much detail.

First, can you also check what update of Storyline you're using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline." The latest update (19 listed here) fixed an issue with modern text where some users did not see it applied or it was garbling their text on the slide.  

If you're on Update 19, and you still see this issue, can you also let me know if you've looked into the other troubleshooting steps here for issues with fonts? 

If you've done all of the above and are still stuck - any chance you can share the Bitter font files? I'd want to take a look and do some additional testing, in case there is a bug to report to my team. If you need to share that file privately, upload it to me here.

Thanks, and let me know - I'll be ready for any other questions! 

Mica Oli

Hi Ashley! Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delay in mine.

I'm running on the latest Storyline update, 19, so effectively that is not the issue (I'm still getting the same results of the initial post with "modern text" enabled and disabled).

I have looked at the solutions in the troubleshooting link you provided but they are for HTML5 outputs. My problem is in the Flash output (everything looks fine and dandy in HTML5; when I purposely open the Flash output to check, it displays the said garbled fonts).

I uploaded the fonts (both the OTF and  TTF packs) with this case number: 01522751.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mica,

I responded to your case but also wanted to share an update here after testing your font files.

I did a little testing and recorded a Peek of what I'm seeing, and you can view it here:

Nothing appeared garbled while editing on the slide.

What I saw was in Preview:
- Modern text + Bitter font was normal
- No Modern text + bitter font, appeared garbled

- Modern Text + Bitter font, normal in HTML5 output
- Modern Text + Bitter font, garbled in Flash output
- No Modern text + Bitter font, garbled in Flash and HTML5 output

I do not see this with any other fonts I have installed on my computer, so I'm going to share your font files with my team and have them take a look. I'll let you know as soon as I have additional information to share.

In the meantime, I'd look at publishing with Modern text, and HTML5 only output to prevent any issues. The HTML5 output should be viewable in all the latest versions of IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari so that should cover the majority of your learners.