Font size and text box size changing automatically

Jun 04, 2016

Hi. I have the following issue I was hoping somebody might be able to help with.

I have text boxes throughout my project that are set to Open Sans font, size 10, they are set to Resize shape to fit text and wrap text in shape. Mostly they work as they should, but sometimes I will close and save a file and when I re open it, the font changes to Open Sans size 15 and the text box stretches to be as wide as the longest paragraph in the text box. So I end up with this really wide text box with very big font that hangs way off the project area. I also have some text boxes set Arial 14 Green text and these too will change to 15pt Open Sans.  Sometimes the text remains the correct size but the width changes so the text hangs off the project area.

This issue occurs across different files in different projects that I am working on. When it happens it will generally effect just one or two slides in the file and the remaining slides are unchanged. While I have tried, I haven't been able to figure out a pattern for when and why this occurs.

While I can obviously reset the fonts so that it all looks OK again, it is problematic because every time you open a file to change something you really need to check the entire file in case this issue has occurred.

Hoping someone may have an idea as to why this is happening and how I can avoid it.

Many thanks


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Sharlet Easterbrook

I have had this issue in every storyline file I have created. In my newest one it changed all of the text boxes on all of my slides and I have to painstakingly change each one. I had auto fit turned off as I keep all my font the same size on every slide. My file is locally saved and I just updated articulate 2 days ago before I started this new project. 

Sharlet Easterbrook

As mentioned I just updated Storyline so I am using the most recent version, and I updated Storyline right before I started making this course so it isn't a result of updates changing what was already created. Based on the above comments and my previous attempts to fix this issue using the above mentioned methods it is clear there is no fix for this issue. I wanted to comment so other users would know this is still something that is happening in current versions.

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