Font size of course title and other links

Aug 05, 2014

I can't find a way to change the font style and size of the course title and links in the player. I can change find how to change the color and transparency, but that's all. Is it possible to specify a font style and particularly a size for these items?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Carolyn,

Unfortunately, this version of Storyline you can only change the Font Family for the Player (by default). Any current Fonts you have on your computer will display and are available for you to use.

The trick is to find a Font that is generally larger in design than the default Articulate font.

When I say 'by default' I mean there is a way but you'd have to dive into the output files and tweak the code. Please don't ask me where that is at the moment, though.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Angel,

To change the color of the font for the Classic Player in Storyline, you will want to navigate to the Player tab >> then click on Colors & Effects >> from here, you can customize various items on the player. We also have this Player Color Job Guide to identify which player properties control the color. 

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