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Matthew Bibby

It can be purchased from various places (just google it). But your company should be able to provide you with the font. Speak to your IT department about getting a copy of the font installed on your computer. 

You may also be able to download the font for free (unsure of legalities here, I haven't checked the licensing for the font). But be careful with the free fonts. Sometimes they can share the same name but have slight differences when compared to the legit font, creating issues when you share projects with other colleagues. 

Matthew Bibby
Gabriella Balint

Now, I have another question about using colours. 😊 Can I use HSL colour coding in Articulate? If Yes, how can I change the current one to HSL?


Click the drop-down arrow next to the colours (e.g. text colour) and select "more colours". Then you'll be able to enter HSL, RGB or Hex values.