For embedded .mp4 video

Jan 14, 2021


I'm putting separate .mp4 videos into separate layers of a specific slide.

I need closed captions controls, if possible, to be included on the video player controls that I turn on for each .mp4

Is there any way to do that -- or is the only option in the Storyline course player?

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Katie Riggio

Hello and great question, Mark!

Can you customize the video player controls in Storyline?

Right now, the video controls in Storyline include play, pause, rewind, and fast forward. Thus, closed captions (cc) can be accessed via the cc button on the course player.


And here's a quick video demo of how closed captions could look like for videos on separate layers

One idea is to disable the closed captioning button on the course player and build your own custom controls. Here's a great discussion on how to do that!

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