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Jan 14, 2014

I've got some text in Word and HTML that works off a hyerlink and shows a Screentip.

Can I pull that into Storyline?  Also when I hyperlink a word how can I change the way the

hyperlink shows itself.  Currently it goes blue and is underlined.  I don't want a change in

color and no underline.  How do I do that? Is there anyway to get the Screentip thing going

like in Word (hyperlink--comes with a Screentip ability).  Is that possible in Storyline.  I'm

developing a Greek text with thousands of words so the screentip thing is very nice way

to put up a rollover translation for each word.  Thanks.

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ted hildebrandt


I figured out how to do what I needed.  The blue color can be changed by the normal

color change and the underline removed but the normal underline function on the format

ribbon at the top.  There doesn't seem to be a hyperlink "Style" changer but I can do it

by formatting the link like I would normal text.  That should work.  Solved my own problem.

This is going to work well. 

Wish there were a tooltip or screentip automatic popup that I could use

without having to do the layer for each time I use it but at least I can make it work just a lot

of effort with 1000's of words to have to develop layers for instead of a crisp tooltip popup.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ted,

You can change the behavior of hyperlink text by updating your theme colors.  You'll want to choose "Create new theme colors" and the one option labeled "hyperlink" will allow you to change the color. It will not remove the underline though, so you'd need to do that by using the font formatting features. 

In regards to the tooltip or screentip you're looking for, it sounds like a cool idea for a feature request.  You may also want to look at using a glossary if you're not required to link each word to a definition. 

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