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Hi All,

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find a definite answer. My scenario is:

  • Students fill out form
  • LMS is notified that the form is complete

Sounds easy until I need the forms to be accessed by the trainer to ensure form as been filled out correctly. 

Another issue is there are multiple institutions using the LMS. Creating multiple google docs forms isn't efficient.

In summary I'd like some way for students to enter information in to a form type template and the trainer be able to review their answers.

Any ideas would be great,





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Matthew Bibby

If you build the form as survey questions in Storyline and add a Survey Result slide to the end of your course, the data will be sent to the LMS.

The limitation is that you can only have one question per slide. Unless you use this approach

And if using SCORM 1.2, only the answers will be sent to the LMS, not the questions. You can workaround this using this approach. If using SCORM 2004, this step won't be required.

Hope that helps. 

Farai Manwa

Thank you Matthew. Can I please confirm a couple of things. (I'm new to this so please forgive me). Can the survey questions be text entry? In order for quiz data to be sent to the LMS does it have to have a results page at the end? And could you specifically tell me which of your demo's guides me to multiple questions on one page which will talk to the LMS. Thanks 

Matthew Bibby

No worries Farai, happy to help where I can.

Yes, the survey questions can be text entry and yes, there does need to be a result page at the end (however you can use a blank survey results page and add whatever content you like so the user won't know it's a results page).

This tutorial will show you how to add multiple questions to one page with the data being passed to the LMS.

Farai Manwa

Hi Matthew, are you able to help me with another issue? The user has to select either yes or no for each question. There isn't a correct answer. Once yes or no has been selected for each question the complete button variable will be changed to selected, therefore, activating the correct answer (which is set in the form view in the pick one freeform). (story file is attached) Thanks in advance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Farai!

I took a look at your file to see if I could help you out :)

Here's what I did:

  • Set the yes/no buttons for each question as a button set so that you can only choose one or the other.
  • Add variables for each question that would be adjusted once a selection is made
  • Add a trigger to adjust the button for the correct entry to selected once all the variables were adjusted, meaning all the questions had been answered.

Hope that makes sense. Take a look at your updated file :)

Farai Manwa

Hi Leslie, I hope you don't mind me asking again but I've tried using your variables with a similar question here except this time there are correct answers and I cant seem to make both methods work together. I've attached the file and have the currently set it to a pick many however both true and false can be selected and I'd prefer if they couldn't be. The answers are as follows 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.T 6.F. Thank you ever so much for your help. Soo much still to learn and I appreciate it.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Farai - 

No problem.

The first thing I noticed is that you did not set up the button sets so that you could only choose 1 per question. I then realized I didn't share any instructions, so check out this video here.

Then I noticed that one of the options was selected incorrectly:

When I updated those things, it seems to be working perfectly :)

Your updated file is attached as well. Hope that helps :)

Leslie McKerchie

I think you're doing great Farai, you just had a scenario a bit more out of the norm. One question per slide is a more typical set-up :) So, you're doing some advanced work.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to easily create quizzes in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 with form-based questions. You type the question and answers. Storyline does the rest.

We do have a full schedule of online webinars hosted by e-learning experts as well. Browse the schedule here.