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Feb 01, 2020

Hi guys,

There is an element of the variable triggers that is really confusing me (heads-up that I'm new to triggers).

I set up a boolean variable, and it was successfully changing from 'false' to 'true' when the user got the correct answer in a MCQ slide.

I then wanted the relevant checkbox to change to a 'ticked' state, based on the boolean being 'true', on my Scenario Checklist slide. 

On this slide, I set up the trigger:

Variable Trigger: Change state of [Checkbox 1] to [done] when [S1 correct] changes.

This trigger did not successfully change the checkbox to 'ticked' and I can't understand why?

However, after a long while troubleshooting, I realised that this trigger works:

Slide trigger: Change state of [Checkbox 1] to [done] when the [timeline starts] on [this slide] If [S1_correct] = value [true].

Why does the first trigger fail and the second one work?

I feel like I should be able to set up a simple trigger like:

Change state of [Checkbox 1] to [Done] when [S1_correct] changes to value [true]

but this option is not possible; it's not there in the list of available options. Why is that?

I've attached my slides here if that helps. 





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Walt Hamilton


When a variable changes, it doesn't announce that to the whole world. They are somewhat shy, and announce when they change only to the slide that changes them, Therefore, " Change state of [Checkbox 1] to [done] when [S1 correct] changes." will only work if it is on the same slide as the one that changes S1 Correct." If it is on a different slide, it doesn't hear the announcement, and never has anything to initiate it.

Your other trigger is initiated by the action of the timeline starting, so it is fired, and it can check the state of the S1 Correct.

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