Free Form "Pick Many" question

Jan 14, 2014

Here's another odd little duck that I found when using custom buttons while building a quiz in Storyline:

  • I select Insert -> New Slide ->  Free Form (tab) -> [and then I click on] Pick Many
  • I build my slide, using a Layout from my Master deck (text, button art, background etc.)
  • I then place some standard buttons on the page, making sure to overlay each button to match up the button picture in the master slide, and then I make them all clear
  • I make sure that each button has a Select state (already built in to the standard button that I picked from the Storyline menu) that confirms a button was slected by turning the text Grey.
  • I edit the question to reflect three correct answers.
  • When I test the slide in Preview or in Published form, I click on a button and, so far so god, the text turns grey.  I click on another button and my previous choice reverts back to the "normal" state!  (my new choice does display grey text, by the way)

Can I assume that this is a function of the stock Articulate buttons I used?

Seems a but odd that a purpose-built "Pick Many" would behave that way, even with the button logic behavior I learned from my previous post.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pedro,

Did you check to see that all the buttons are part of a button set? The default behavior would automatically group those pick many buttons into a button set, and therefore you'll only be able to select one. To change that, select each button on the slide, right click and you'll see an option for Button Set. You'll want to change that to none. 

Laurie Kinzie

I have a question similar to this:  I have created my own buttons:  next, back and submit.  My slide is a Click Many free form slide.  My choices of correct are identified on the Form View.  How do I create triggers for the Incorrect answer layer to pop up without creating all of those different answers?  Button set?