FREEBIE: Automatic Calculation

Feb 29, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I needed to create a simple calculator that could calculate the following equation:

a + 2b + 3c = x

a, b, and c would be input by the user.  I wanted my storyline project to give me the value of x.  As a final requirement, I wanted the storyline file to calculate this automatically.  I did not want to use a "Submit" or "Calculate" button. 

This was initially a struggle because I was trying to use the "control uses focus" trigger.  Once I shifted to "When the Variable changes" as a trigger, I was able to get the calculator working.  This was a bit tricky for me to get set up.  Just in case anyone else wanted to look into something like this, I thought I would attach my storyline file.  I've left a text box on the slide that I used for debugging.

I hope this is something that the community finds useful.

Thank you!

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