Freeform Question - Shortcut Key Type - Keystroke directs learner to another slide instead of showing the Correct Layer

Mar 13, 2015

I am creating a software simulation (SAP), and on one of the assessment slides I need the user to just hit the ENTER button on the keyboard as their answer. I converted the slide to a Freeform Shortcut Key question type, however when previewing/testing the entire training, the correct answer sends the user to another slide (the home slide in this case) instead of showing the correct layer (does not do that on incorrect key stroke). I can't find anything associated with it, so I don't know why it would be doing that. When I preview/test just the assessment scene, I see that it's trying to direct me to another slide because I get a message saying the link is not available in preview mode, and I see the correct layer appear behind that. Not sure what is triggering it to go to the Home slide. When I import that one slide into a blank project, and place a slide before and after, it does not try to go to another slide and just shows the correct feedback layer (granted it is not set up exactly the same - the actual projects has a couple of scenes). Can anyone tell me what is/could be triggering the keystroke to go to a different slide?

I've attached some screenshots for additional info. I cannot share the file because of the info in it, and it might be too large for upload.

Also, please note that I am using my own scoring method via variables.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi MW,

it sounds like you've checked for all other triggers that could be firing using the enter key. Since it worked correctly within a new file, I suspect there is a trigger somewhere else or an element of corruption within this particular file - have you looked to confirm that there are no triggers on your slide masters as well? Also you'll want to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here and it may be worth importing the entire project into a new .story file so solve any lingering issues. 

M. W.

Hi Ashley, thanks for the response. I didn't see a trigger on the master that would be an issue. I do have a trigger associated with a Home button, but I haven't run into any problems with it on other slides using the same layout. I'm now convinced it's probably an element of corruption. I've had several other odd behaviors happen after getting 3/4 -way through the larger project. I do work off my C drive and follow the naming practices, so I'm not sure how it could have become corrupted. I noticed it after duplicating a large amount of slides within the project. So does importing the project into a new .story file remove corrupted issues? I figured any issues would follow the slide.


M. W.

I may have figured out the problem - sort of. I have a trigger on the base slide to open layer "buttons" - which includes two buttons - 1 Home button and 1 Scenario Data button. When I delete that trigger it does not jump to any slide and proceeds as it should. Still unsure of why it would jump to Home when the button layer doesn't have a trigger that starts with the timeline and when the trigger on the base layer is not associated with the Home slide.

I would like to not have to remove it, because they can't select the Home button if they are stuck on that step and also because if they don't remember they are supposed to use a keyboard entry clicking/selecting areas doesn't prompt it as incorrect. So they may actually get stuck and have to close out training. :(

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