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Jul 23, 2014

New to Storyline - in fact, comparing Captivate to Storyline - How do I display a full screen background image of my own design without the Storyline player borders? I am trying to use a custom design, to include navigation that I have total control over (something Captivate does not offer yet). I used to use Lectora and Authorware before as well as the Articulate Studio. I may get my company to buy this software if we can gain full control of it .

Thank you!

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Greg Faust

Short answer:

Insert your background:

  • Right-click your slide (in Story View or normal view).
  • Select Format Background
  • Insert from: File (and fiddle with the options as you like).

Set the menu and whatnot not to display:

To affect in individual slide:

  • In normal view, right-click empty space on your slide.
  • Select Properties
  • Uncheck everything


  • In Story View, select a slide. On the right, you'll see the slide properties.
  • Set Player Features to "Custom"
  • Uncheck everything.

To affect default behavior (i.e. so if you set Player Features to Player Defaults, above):

  • Home Tab
  • Player (button, near the right side of the bar up top)
  • Features
  • Uncheck everything

As for what you actually want to know:

  • You'll find a lot of your player customization stuff in the player menu.
  • Also check out View -> Slide Master and View -> Feedback Master. With these, you can create triggers, buttons, etc. that will apply to every slide (or feedback box) using the selected Master or Layout.
  • You can control a lot of Storyline, especially if you don't mind writing triggers.
  • As you get into writing triggers or using Javascript, you'll find that you do NOT have access to most of Storyline's "under-the-hood" variables. For example, the position of an object on the screen is presumably controlled with numeric coordinates; however, I have yet to discover or hear of a hack that allows someone to write a trigger that interacts with those numbers.
  • Additional things to check out are Javascript and the Storyline SDK (software developer kit).
  • If what you want is a custom animation, do be aware that you can embed .swf files into a Storyline slide.

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