FYI Major Seekbar Bug

Here's how to replicate this bug.

Set up two slides with the seekbar set to ON on the first one (referred to as SLIDE A) and Seekbar OFF on the second (SLIDE B), then set A to auto jump to the B at the end of the timeline. On B, add any shape or object and add Entrance and Exit animations. Preview the entire course. With your mouse, click on the seek bar and scrub through to the end of A. It will auto-jump to B, but now your mouse is still controlling the seekbar and there's no escape!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris and Steve,

Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. I tested this and asked Peter to test as well. We're both able to reproduce this bug. Looks like this is happening in preview and in published versions. 

I'm going to go ahead and work on reporting this information to our QA department. If you discover any other information or workarounds, please let me know.