Game Idea - Using Question Bank

Feb 29, 2016

I'm working on an idea for a game where the learner is moving around a game board answering questions.  I'd like to use a question bank to pull questions to display.  I am customizing to display the question in a lightbox, and having the lightbox close after the feedback is displayed.

I don't have all the game mechanics in place (i.e. randomly rolling a die, etc. or doing the movements) but was testing my hypothesis regarding the question bank for random question display.   What I'm experiencing is when I click my testing button to display a random question, it works the first time.  On subsequent clicks, it displays the first question asked in 'review mode' and then the next button displays the next question, etc.

Has anyone else tried to use a question bank in this manner?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Henry -- Thanks so much for reaching out! While I will defer to your fellow community members to weigh in with specific ideas and suggestions, I wanted to stop in to share these 2 great resources that you may find helpful:

5 Free E-Learning Games for Articulate Storyline

12 Awesome E-Learning Games for Articulate Storyline

And I wanted to note that you are also welcome to reach out in our design-related forum, Building Better Courses, for additional advice and inspiration! :)

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