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Dec 18, 2014

I'm new at this so could someone help me with directing me in the best way to implement the below game ideas

1. Start with Heart game: Think back to your last conversation that just went terribly wrong.  Who do you blame for it going so badly? 


What role did you play in the problem? [have them select up to 3?]

I wasn’t open to a differing opinion.
I brought my pre-conceived notions about this person to the conversation.
I didn’t want to hurt their feelings.
I wanted to be right.
I wanted to win.
I wanted to look good or save face.
I just wanted to keep the peace/avoid conflict.
I wanted to punish or blame.
[Answer empties the heart of color]


If I had focused on what I really wanted, how could I handle the conversation differently?

[Fill in, free form, 2-3 items.  Fills heart back up]



2. Get unstuck game:  I envision cartoon character in quick sand and with each correct answer, he is pulled out further.  Correctly identify if it is a Content issue, Pattern of behavior, or Relationship (CPR).


As the leader of the project team, you’re getting a little irritated with Benson.  This is the second time he’s been late turning in his weekly report.   CONTENT
As the leader of the project team, you’re irritated with Benson.  Over the last 3 months, he has been late to at least 4 meetings, his reports are consistently late, and he doesn’t contribute in the meetings.   PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR
Your heart sinks because your manager has instructed you to include Benson on your project team.  You think he’s lazy.  He’s often late for meetings, the last time he was on a project team with you, you had to pull most of the data.  You’re also pretty sure he’s the one that said something to your manager that had your manager questioning the data!  You just can’t trust him.  RELATIONSHIP

 Thank you and Merry Christmas!









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Kelly Schultze

If you can attach the course, I can open it and take a look. That way I'll have a better understanding of how the course is set up and how to get it to do what you want. Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out through explanations, but easy when you can see it. A screen cap of the slide with the triggers would be helpful, too.

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