Gamification: Is it possible with storyline?

First of all excuse my english if you find a mistake because, I´m from Spain and my mother tongue is spanish.

Ok, done the introduction I would like to ask a question. I didn´t purchase storyline yet but  I´m pretty sure I will do it soon, and my question is if with storyline I can add progressive bars, rewards, points, levels, leaderboards, etc. because I want to design my courses based on gamification concept.

Anyone knows the answer that can help me decide? 

Thanks a lot, cheers


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Ashley W
Phil Mayor
Veronica D.

Thanks to everyone for your help!. This community is top!

And @Phil I loved your games! Do you think that having the files can help understand how to make something great like yours? I would like  to make a game similar to the first one.

Thanks a lot everyone for your help. I´m just a novice (yet )


Scott Wiley

Hello all,

While all the samples are cool examples of a "game", I don't feel that they are examples of "gamification".

From Wikipedia: Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechancs in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.

I'd love to see what the community can come up with following this framework.

In a game, the rewards are extrinsic and will typically only be relevant while playing the game. Any behavior change is lost when not playing the game.

In meaningful gamification, the rewards should be predominantly intrinsic to mean something in the real world, and hopefully change behavior, thinking, or feeling.

For more info and/or inspiration, see:

Philippe Siwinski


I agree with you Scott, it's cool to see what SL variables can be used for but I look forward to see some gamification applied to a complete course.

I have worked with gamification but more at a LMS level, kind of gamified social learning.

Do we necessary need to work with an external platform?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kiana -- Thanks for reaching out here, and did you happen to notice further above in the conversation thread that Phil shared some .story or source files for the Maze, Gunslinger, Radiation and Room examples? Please see around the '3 year ago' mark and if those files are not what you were hoping for, please feel free to reach out to Phil or any other participants directly using the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages. :)