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Feb 07, 2013

Hello all,

I have a course on my website that I'd like to protect. It seems it should not be too difficult in in Storyline to create a quiz that would ask users for a user ID and password that I would provide them. I'm just having some difficulty implementing it.

My project is in the very early stages and we are not at a point yet where we want to invest in having someone build a web site with a data base on the back end to keep track of who has access. That might come later but for now I have to figure out if this can be done in Storyline.

I tried creating a text entry quiz but it seems it's limited to 10 entry's and each person would take up two lines of answers. A user ID and password. I thought about trying to use variables but haven't got that to work yet. I doubt we'll have 20 ID's I'd have to give out but I'm pretty sure I'll need more than 5.


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Fiona  Telford-Sharp

Just to add to that I learnt on this forum how to put in some javascript to send an email to yourself when the learner finishes the course.

I was playing around with it last night and you can use variables to capture the log-in code that is entered on that first slide (for example if each person has a different log-in). Then when they get to the last slide of the course they click on a button which triggers the javascript to populate an email with their individual code that they entered in the first slide. All they have to do is press send on the email and you will know that a particular person has completed the course.

We are in the similar position to you I think - we want to just host the storyline e-learning on our website without an LMS, and down the track we can look at building in a back end that can track things like this.

Jesse Kramer

Fiona, It worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I created passwords for three co-workers to test. I keep track of users and their password using an excel spread sheet.

I also really like your idea of generating an email but I was thinking that would be a great way to get feedback on my course. Can you point me to the forum you found that discusses how to do this?

This is what I love about the Articulate forums, the sharing that takes place here. Not too many places I've found with this type of community on line.


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