GetPlayer().SetVar not working, does not change variable in Storyline course - once in a blue moon

Mar 16, 2015


Is anybody aware of a situation where GetPlayer().SetVar will not work.

We've had 2 incidences from our users (hundreds), and I think it's caused by that. I can't easily work with them to troubleshoot but I'm almost certain that must be the cause. One user reported it happening on a new computer.

So I'm just wondering of there are certain fringe cases anybody knows of where calling GetPlayer().SetVar with JavaScript has no affect on a variable in the Storyline course.

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Steve Flowers

Haven't seen this myself and I use the player methods in almost all of my stuff (thousands of users.) But that doesn't mean it's not happening for you.

A range of things could cause it, like other scripts that fail to run or a trigger that overwrites your Javascript call. If folks are exiting the course on the slide that is supposed to set the value, they may not see the change when they log back in. As I understand it, suspend data commits aren't finished until the slide changes.

Are there any specific details associated with the cases that seem similar (browser / version)? If it happens repeatedly and consistently for the same person, is there a way they can open the console to check for script errors (as long as they're using a non-bad browser)?

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