Getting Question Data back from StoryLine and Captivate


We have a custom LMS and clients who want to get feedback on who their students did on each question of quizzes that are offered.  I published StoryLine to SCORM 2004 but to my dismay found that I am not getting any data about the questions back.  For example, I show a picture of a lime and ask what it is a picture of.

With StoryLine published to SCORM 2004, I get: following data back when I ask the question "What does the s in SCORM stand for?







I have no sense of what the question was and am unable to parse the data in order to get the type of information I need back.  

I tried doing a quiz with Adobe Captivate and this is what I get back:




"cmi.interactions.1.correct_responses.0.pattern":"lime ", 

"cmi.interactions.1.description":"This is a picture of a(n):", 







Here I get a unique Id for the question as well as the question.  I can parse this data and give my clients the type of reports they are looking for.

Am I missing something with StoryLine?  Is there a setting I can use to get question data back?


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