Getting rid of the menu down the side of your course?

Hi There,

I've been building my course using mainly vision templates.  I don't want the menu to show on the left side of my slides as the user goes through the course.  I have unchecked the menu box in player priorities and clicked ok but it doesn't change it.  The menu still remains.

How do I remove it permanently from the left hand side of the slide?

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Wendy Farmer

Hey Jennifer

sounds like one or more of your slides may have the menu option ticked in the slide properties.

Open your file in storyview and look in the bottom right hand corner at the Slide Properties - You can do Ctrl A to select all slides and you should be able to see if any of the slides have the menu ticked - because you are looking at multiple slides it may appear as a filled in box. Just click to deselect and that should work for you.