glitch with triggers

May 01, 2022

Hi there,

I am struggling with a glitch I am encountering sometimes when learners try to interact with a slide in my course.  I have an interaction where the learner will match ovals together in a knowledge check.  They select each oval and a motion path links the two together rather than a drag and drop to make it accessible.  When each item is matched I have a trigger that says when motion path X is completed change state of X to visited (without adding this trigger they are staying in the selected state and messing with the other "incorrect" layers that pop up in the interaction).  Then I have a trigger that shows a layer when all is completed correctly (when the state of all ovals is visited, show layer "Well Done").  This layer congratulates the learner and allows them to continue on with the course.  I have had two glitches occur when people have tested it.  One of the glitches allows for all three motion paths to complete, but then the "well done" layer does not appear and learners are stuck.  The other shows the "well done" layer before the last oval completes the motion path.   This has happened a couple of times, but all the other run throughs have worked with no problems.  Any idea if there is a fix for this?   I've added an example link below as well.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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Walt Hamilton

The problem is most likely this:

a trigger that says when motion path X is completed change state of X to Visited

especially if your glitch is intermittent.

All the built-in states (like Visited) have their own specific built-in superpowers that automatically work. If you create triggers that repeat their action, you can have conflicts that are unpredictable. "Change state when motion path completes" might not be an exact duplicate of "Change state when object is clicked (the built-in version), but it might be close enough to cause your problem.

I would start by changing the name of that state (to something like HasBeenVisited) everywhere it appears in the project.