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Apr 10, 2014


Sorry for my english, I'm a french guy :o)

My question is: I create some icons with Photoshop CS5 and I insert these icons on the page of storyline. The icons looks perfect.

But when I click on the Preview button, some icons looks bad. (see below) Example:  "Objectifs","Autoévaluation mensuelle", "Autoévaluation éthique". And all the text looks blurry...

I don't know why these icons are perfect but when I click on Preview, the look change.

Please help me ! :o)

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Cheng Li

Hi Phil,

There are many possible reasons that image quality drops.

One thing that significantly drops the quality is whether or not the size of the image matches the size of the Storyline canvas. By default, the canvas size is 720 x 540. That means: any images you imported into Storyline will be re-scaled somehow to match the proportion of the canvas, which is 4:3. In this restriction, if the original image is not proportional to that dimension, Storyline will automatically adjust the image to fit that proportion. (I really hope that Storyline can fix this.) So, to best reserve the image quality, you can right click the image and go to "Size and Position". In the dialog, you can see that the image has been re-scaled. You can reset the image to its original size to keep the image quality. See below. (Remember this: re-scaled image will ALWAYS look blurry compared to the image at its original size.)

Secondly, you may want to go to Player on the ribbon. Then click Other. Set Player size option to "Lock Player at optimal size". This option keeps the dimension of your canvas. But if the canvas size is larger than your screen resolution, a scroll bar will appear vertically and horizontally depending on how large the canvas is.

Thirdly, when you publish your storyline file through either Articulate Online, LMS, or Web, make sure you go to Quality (in Publish menu) and set the image quality to 100%.

I know it can be a pain when images are blurry. But hopefully the options that I mentioned above can help you solve the problem you have. Good luck!


Philippe Bouffard


(sorry again for my english)

The scale of my icons are stay in proportion! I create a 96px by 96px icons with PhotoShop and in Storyline, it's also 96 x 96.

And I already lock player at the optimal size and...

I adjusted the quality at 100% for the export.

After that: When I'm click on Preview button, the images still blurry BUT when I publish this on a LMS or Web, all icons looks perfect.

The problem is solved but it's sad to know when you click on the preview button and your image it's not good, you work hard to solve this but if you publish this, it's look perfect.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philippe and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry that the preview was confusing, but since the preview is not a full version or scaled version of your course - it's best to test everything in Publish just to be sure. If you need  a place to host the published content for testing you may want to check into the options in this article. 

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