Good microphone set-ups for Pro sounding narration

Hello Articulate community,

I was recently hired on to do e-learning for a new company. For this job I will also be required to be the voice of the narrator for the course . I have edited voice overs and narration of others using a microphone the company already owned but now my new company is asking me what kind of microphone set-up they should buy to have commercial quality voice over narration. I have been searching online but seeing and hearing are two different things. I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions on a microphone set-ups. Not just the mic itself but the device that hooks it up to the computer as well as provides the phantom power. I have been looking at condenser mics so far. Thanks in advance !

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federico arnavas

Hi Casey,

I use a "shurePG48" microphone with a soundcard "Fast Track USB M-Audio"  and it works perfectly. The microphone isunidirectional so it does not record environment sounds and I put it on a floorstand to avoid recording the clicks from my laptop. I bought this devices about7 years ago so I guess they must have some new and better devices.

The recording isperfect with a steady sound level.

john faulkes

I have tried many microphone set ups over the years, for singing, recording musical instruments and voice overs.

To be honest there are so many of good quality it's difficult to choose. Above a certain standard there is not really much (in my view) that will make a huge difference if you are just recording voice (and putting the audio into a compressed environment such as Storyline.

A condensor mic will have both a high level of output and will capture the nuances of your voice most effectively. Decent condensers are fragile and must be mounted on a proper mic stand. They also require external power. You can easily get a small boxed unit which connects/powers the mic and will USB connect to your computer.

One of the best set ups in my view is: here - but is it is a bit high-spec at c. £219

Alternatively, perhaps a connecting box like this . and a mic like this .

There are now some good mics that have the USB connectivitybuilt in. This one I think would be fine

And the cheapest all in one option: here

Do ask more questions if you wish!

casey hillstrom

Thanks for all your input guys ! John thanks for posting all of those examples, that was particularly helpful. I was wondering what you thought about this set . I think my employers will like that it is an "all inclusive" pack. I think is is missing something to provide phantom power though. Thanks in advance!