Graded Pick One Quiz -- Help Needed

I need to create a graded pick one quiz.  The quiz has five questions.  Each question has six answer choices that are assigned a specific point value. There are no "incorrect" answers. The result slide needs to reflect an average score based on the 6 answers that correlate to a specific level which will be revealed on the results slide.

The Multiple Choice quiz seems to want to assign one correct answer and the Pick One survey doesn't allow points.

How can this be programed?



(1.0 – 1.9) Level 1
(2.0 – 2.9) Level 2
(3.0 – 3.9) Level 3
(4.0 – 4.9) Level 4
(5.0 – 5.9) Level 5
(6.0) Level 6 

Your Score:

You are Level 4




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Emily Ruby

Hi NDieye,

The Multiple choice is the only answer type that allows "by choice" point options. In your quiz questions, you said you wanted a pick one, do you need them to be able to choose more than one? If not, then the multiple choice should work. Set this to score By Choice, and add the point value in. If you only need to see the points, then you can remove the Results.ScorePercent variable from showing in the results slide. 

You can also customize the feedback layers, since there are no incorrect answers, so they both say Correct. Or you could remove these all together. There is an option to set the Feedback as None in the design tab under slide view of the quizzes.

Let me know if this helps!


NDieye Danavall

This does help. However, I still need the answer points averaged to get the final score level.  Ex. If all six answers add up to 30 points  the final level would be level 5 (30/6=5) according to my levels stated in the original question.

I would need the points to be averaged and the Level to be assigned.  

Emily Ruby

Hi NDieye

What you could do is make new layers on the results slide to reflect the Levels. For example, have Level 1 layer show on timeline start if the Results.ScorePoints value is between 1-2, Level 2 layer show if Results.ScorePoints is between 2-3, and so on. You will need to use conditions in the triggers. Attached is a quick example. Level 1 will show if you score 1, 2, 3. Anything higher will show level 2.

Let me know if this is what you had in mind.

NDieye Danavall

The layers for the result slides definitely will work. However, I still need to create a condition so that the results score is divided by 6, so that I can get the specific level.  There are 6 questions and each question is assigned a point value.  The points are added up then divided by 6 to get the final result.

I am not sure how to program the result slide to give that average.


Emily Ruby

Hi NDieye,

We do have a divide by trigger available when you use an Adjust Variable trigger. So this is possible, but the set up could get tricky. I wanted to ask, are you going to need to report the results to a LMS? If not this could be set up by creating your own "points" variable, as the built in ones cannot be adjusted via trigger.

I can try and put something together later today. You could also post this question in our Building Better Courses forum. We have a lot of great designers over there, and possibly someone already has a course set up for an example.

i will check in once I try and get something put together.

Emily Ruby

Hey NDieye,

So attached is a file with a way to add up results and then divide them. Since you don't need to report, you can just create your own slides, not a built in question, and make a new "results" variable. Have each answer add points to the variable (you can see the triggers in the file) then on the final slide - have an Adjust Variable trigger to divide by 6. (all set up in the file)

In this one I only did 3, and the layers in the final are set to divide by 3, so make sure you add up to 3,6,9 to test the file. 

Let me know if this works or if you need any further assistance :)

NDieye Danavall

When I attempted to trigger the variable, the only option for the "operator" was "=assignment".  The "/divide" function was not available.  I am going to see if copying and pasting your result slide into my module and editing it will work instead of creating it from scratch.  

Thank you so much for your assistance. 

Emily Ruby

Hi NDieye,

Copying the results slide would likely not work as the variable in my file would be different from yours. Did you make this a number variable? As long as it is a number, the Add, subtract, multiply and divide should show up for operator.

If you need further assistance, please let me know :)

NDieye Danavall

Copying and pasting didn't work.  I have attached the quiz.  Maybe you can take a look and see what I'm doing incorrectly.  

Now the score will not show and the slide layers are not being triggered even though they are programmed.  I placed the total points on the slide for reference only.  Once I figure out how to divide the points those text boxes below the triangles will be deleted.

Emily Ruby

Hi NDieye,

It looks like you are still using the built in quiz slides. Using these and the built in results variable, you would not be able to divide. In my example, I just used a blank slide, and added in radio buttons. Then a new number variable. Each button adjusts the number variable when selected. Then on the final slide, I added the variable in as a variable reference. You can take a look again at the file I shared above and set up the triggers the same way.

When you use a custom variable, you can use the divide function. I linked in a few pages here and in my above post for more information on how to add variables.

Let me know if you need anything else.