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I have searched and searched for this. When a graded question is added, if you want to select one of the themes below the built in graded questions, it only works for multiple choice. If I want a True/False or other question, I cannot get the new theme. 

When I select the True/False and then select say Serenity, the system only shows me a Multiple Choice Question. Am I missing something? I may not always want a Multiple Choice Question so how do I get other question types in the same theme?

This is too much work, I have to rebuild the slide so all the questions have the same look and feel. 

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Jeffrey Riley


Thank you for the reply. I was doing a similar process but was not sure if there was a better way. I probably need to make a request because there are several question types and in my opinion they should all be able to use any of the themes available. I am sure I don't know the programming issues to accomplish this.

In the mean time, I will continue to do a work around and see if I can come up with an easier method. The Multiple Answer is more difficult so I took standard question and then applied the Serenity format to the slide. At lease the Feedback Master allows changing those layers pretty simply.

I do know one approach would be to create a project for the theme I want and then create a slide for each question type I want to use. After that, I can import those slides as long as I only want that theme. I would only do a few themes as this is time consuming.

Jeffrey Riley

What seems to be working when I want a different question type but I want one of the themes, I first insert the type of question say for example Drag n Drop Sequence. 

Since I have already setup one multiple choice question with the Serenity theme, that Layout is in the Slide Master list and the Feedback Master is there. 

I open the Drag n Drop Sequence slide and change the Layout to the Serenity question type. Then I add the question and the answers. For the project I am on I set the question to 2 attempts. I then go to the Correct layer and change the Layout to the Serenity Correct response and that replaces the classic information.

I go to the Incorrect Layer and replace the layout for the Serenity Incorrect.

This changes the appearance of the entire slide and now I can make any other changes I want for the question slide to fit the style I have selected. 

Once I have a group of slides created, I just copy them from scene to scene and change the questions and answers for the new topic. 

This is still more work than I want it to be but it does work and seems simple.