Graded Question & Freeform Questions

Aug 12, 2017

What is the difference between Graded Question & Freeform Questions? They share some question types.. When should be the best time to use Freeform Questions? Can Freeform Questions be graded as well?

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Susi B

Hi Yolanda,

with freeform questions you can create your own (yes graded) questions. For excample if you have a grafic you can transform it into a drag and drop or pic many question. Like finding the faults in a wimmelpicture. We like to use it to let the learner complete a table and give them only some text elements to fill the table. Or create a fill-in-the-blank text like this one:

excample freeform question

So whenever you have a custom image or text you want to tranform into a special question you can use the freeform. :)



Anita Shukla

Hi, I've created a ton of 'Pick Many' free-form questions that need to go through the LMS to be graded.  However, our coders can not see the question/ref associated in this type of slide because there is no option to insert the question in 'form' view (as you would get in a graded question.   The question ref is not coming through on the LMS. Is there a way round this? How are freeform questions graded?


Crystal Horn

Hello Anita!  You nailed it on the head; because there is no "question" text in Form view, the LMS can't pick up that detail.

You can change the layout of those freeform questions to Question Slide, and it will pull in a title box in slide view.  You can enter the identifying detail there, and move the title box off stage and out of view.

That way, the information will be there for the LMS, but there won't be any design changes needed for that slide.

Let me know if that helps!

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