Graded Question - Hotspot - Bug?

Jun 26, 2018

Unfortunally there is a problem with one of the template questions that articulate provides. 

In the attachment you will see one slide with one trigger. They are also 2 variables. Named: "Test" and "X"

There is one Trigger: "Add +1 to "Test" When "X" changes. 

There is no other trigger than that. If you preview or publish you will see that the variable "Test" adds +2 if you click anywhere one the screen. 

My question ist: why? It shouldn't do that..

In one of our courses we are depending on a trigger that toggles. It is a simple menue that appears with a layer if a certain variable changes. In our course the variable changes if we click on a rectangle.  

We have the newest updates installed - The Problem accures in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3. In Storyline 2 it's just fine. 

Do we miss something or is it a Bug?

best regards

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Sam. I'd love to help with this puzzle! I published your file to Web using the latest version of Storyline 360:

Here's a quick Peek of what I saw in Chrome. I started with the HTML5 output, where +2 is added to Test when I click around the slide and finished with the Flash one, where Test stays at 0 no matter where I clicked. Let me know if you see something different on your end!

Really interesting behavior, though! I'd like to get a second opinion on this and have shared my notes with our Support Engineers. Someone from the team will be in touch shortly; I'll also follow along!

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Sam!

I took a peek at your case with my teammate, Chino, and saw that we've got: A hotspot graded question with a trigger to add a number to a variable will add the number twice (HTML5 output) logged as a possible bug. 

Here's how we tackle bugs, and I've tagged this discussion as well so we can keep you updated with new information. Really appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and I'm so sorry for any headaches!

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