Graded Quiz help if user does not pass

Mar 07, 2023

Please advise on how I must be setting this up incorrectly?:

Background: I have 10 questions in my graded quiz. The user does not know if they were correct/incorrect until they submit all 10 questions together (they get 1 chance), and view the Results slide.

For those who pass the first time, everything works fine in the Success Results page. 

For those who fail (>80%), I want them to either be able to 1) retake the entire quiz again like above unlimited times, OR 2) review all quiz answers but have no ability to retake it.

Issues (2 of them): Screenshots attached.

1. When the user picks the first fail option to retake the quiz via the Retry button, while it appears all 10 answers can be reselected fresh, it does not appear to be totaling them correctly in the Results slide. For example, even if I answer all 10 correctly, I am only getting 80% success. For each 10 quiz slides I do have selected "Results slide: Reset to initial state." And for the Results slide I do have selected to "Reset results" when the Retry button is clicked. What else am I missing?

2. When the user clicks the other fail option to "Review Quiz Answers (cannot retry quiz)" I am not seeing all answers, only those that appear Incorrect, which oddly is all of them even though I made some correct as a test. For this Review button on the Results slide I do have selected to "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing." What else am I missing? 
Additionally, how can I make it so once they do review all answers from this fail slide, that they do not get the option to retry the quiz again? Do I need to make a duplicate slide layer (or something) where the Retry button is hidden maybe?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Heidi,

Thanks for giving a details description of the issues you're experiencing. 

I opened a support case on your behalf so we can get you in touch with our support engineers. They'll take a look at the issues you're experiencing and work with you to address them. Someone will be in touch shortly!