Graded quiz with question bank and survey in same course

I've had a request from an SME to build a quiz in Storyline 360 that pulls from a question bank and will be graded with multiple attempts if the user fails the first time. This SME also requests that I build in an ungraded survey inside the same course at the end to use as short evaluation of the course so that users are required to provide answers to 4 survey questions (short answer) before they are able to fully complete the course. Is this possible in Storyline 360? Will it cause any conflicting issues reporting to the LMS (Cornerstone)?

I want to make sure the effort of building this out is worth it and will provide the desired results for the SME without sacrificing the learner experience. We do have other options for the SME to receive evaluation feedback (both directly in Cornerstone and using a Survey Monkey link); however, I think the SME likes the idea of requiring the completion of the survey questions inside the actual course.

I appreciate any experiences others may have had doing this. Thanks!

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Sam Hill

Hi Judy, prior to the 29th I don't think this was possible, but a new release has come out over night that may actually make this possible.

Check out this information here to see if the enhancements will address your requirements:

Judy Impiccini

Hi Jahon,

I'm building a question bank in Storyline 360, not in Cornerstone. with this project.  I anticipate the storyline course will report to Cornerstone as passed/incomplete and tracking through the quiz results slide

I know you can build a question bank directly in the cornerstone testing function, but we typically do not use that in our organization, so I can't comment on how that works specifically.