Grading a Paragraph Activity

Apr 01, 2014

I'm fairly new to Storyline but I have a cool idea I'd really like to try.  The only problem is I'm not sure exactly how to do it.  I'd like to make a writing tutorial for undergraduate biology majors.  Specifically what I'd like to do is to display a paragraph to the user and then have them select all of the parts that should be changed.  Different paragraphs might focus on punctuation, or identifying wordy sentences/phrases.  How can I create something that will allow the user to submit all the things they think should be changed and then click on a button to see if they are right or if they missed any.  I tried using a graded hotspot question which has multiple right answers but you can't see what you already picked and it doesn't identify other correct answers you missed.  The freeform question seems to have similar issues.  Ultimately I'd like it to keep track of a person's score so I can make this into a game.  Please help heroes!

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