Grant Course Completion in LMS Based on Branching Path Completion

Dec 12, 2018

When publishing a Storyline course for LMS use, the two ways you can grant user “completion” in the Tracking Options are via number of slides viewed or by using a quiz results slide. But what if you want to grant “completion” when a user has completed the appropriate branching path(s) for their role? In this article, I will show you how to do just that.

Imagine you have a course where the user selects his/her role in the beginning, and then based on the role selected, they will travel down one of several available branching paths. For one role, the user only needs to view 3 slides to “complete” the course. For another role, the user needs to view 20 slides, and for a third role, 10 slides need to be viewed. If you use track “completion” based on number of slides viewed, you would need to set the number of slides at 3 slides so that the role with the least number of slides required to view could “complete” the course.

While this would clearly show that user in the first role that they had viewed all required slides for his/her role, a user in either of the other two roles could “complete” the course after only viewing 3 of the 10 or 20 slides that they should have viewed. As such, they might skip the rest of the content and not acquire the necessary knowledge from the course.

So, how can you grant course “completion” based on branching path completion (ex. Viewing 3 out of 3 slides for one role, 20 out of 20 slides for another role, and 10 out of 10 slides for a third role)? Through creating a custom results slide and building programming to show the slide upon branching path completion.

1. Begin with your Storyline course open and all necessary branching paths built. In this scenario, our branching paths contain the following number of slides:

Role 1: 3 slides must be viewed (Branching Path 1)
Role 2: 20 slides must be viewed (Branching Path 2)
Role 3: 10 slides must be viewed (Branching Path 3)

2. Add a New Scene. Name the scene “Results Slide” or something similar for clarity.

3. In the Results Slide scene, add a New Slide.

4. From the Insert Slides popup, select the Quizzing Tab and then the Result Slides sub tab.

5. From the available result slides, select either the Survey Result Slide or the Blank Result Slide and click OK to add the slide.

6. The Result Slide Properties window appears. Leave the Results tab blank.

7. Open the Options tab and select/deselect the desired results options. Click OK.

8. On the Result slide, edit the design and functionality as needed. If desired, add a button to the slide which allows the user to return to the main menu of the course and/or main branching path appropriate to that role.

9. Open the final slide of branching path 1 (slide 3 of 3).

10. Edit the Next button trigger as follows.

Action: Jump to slide
Slide: Results Slide
When: User Clicks
Object: Next Button

Note: This is one example of how this can be accomplished. You can edit this functionality as needed to jump the user to the Results slide when the timeline completes, when the user clicks a custom button, etc.

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other branching paths.

12. Finalize the course as needed. When finished, click Publish.

13. From the Publish window, click the LMS tab.

14. Ensure the LMS Output option from the drop-down menu is correct per your LMS.

15. Click the Reporting and Tracking button.

16. In the Reporting and Tracking Options window, edit the Reporting tab settings as appropriate for your LMS.

17. Click the Tracking tab. On this tab, select the radio button Track using quiz result and ensure the correct Results Slide is selected in the Result slide to report drop-down menu.

18. Click OK to close the Reporting and Tracking Options window.

19. Click Publish.

20. Upload your published course to your LMS and test all three branching paths. Be sure to exit the course after each branching path test and select to NOT resume where you left off for a true test of this functionality. When the user reaches the end of each branching path, the Results slide displays and the course is marked as “complete” within the LMS.

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